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Hollywood Nomenclature

Design Method
Conflating personalities to identify a celebrity couple or supercouple. 

Uni-Name, Mash-up, Celebrity Couple Nickname

Used by media to refer to a celebrity couple.

Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes = TomKat
Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner = Bennifer
Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag = Speidi
Vince Vaugn/Jennifer Anniston = Vinnifer
Jake Gyllenhaal/ Reese Witherspoon = Gyllenspoon
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie = Brangelina

Methodological Inspiration
Portmanteaux - the blending of words to make one word.

Lewis Carroll is the pseudonym of the English writer and mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.
Carroll invented his pen name by translating his first two names into the Latin "Carolus Lodovicus" and then anglicizing it into "Lewis Carroll."