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About the Designer


When Elizabeth was first introduced to the architectural discipline she immediately became curious and passionate for design and its impact on society and culture. With an art background, she found architecture a more strategic and deliberate form of expression; she was challenged and intrigued by the critical thought necessary to design in the built environment.

Elizabeth developed as a practitioner; she is a licensed architect and LEED accredited professional with over ten years of practical experience primarily in residential design but also wellness, recreation, higher education and retail design. As she struggled to relate and utilize her interests from the design discipline with architectural practice, she sought out opportunities with more creative freedom. Competitions and independent research nourished her, but inconsistently. Changes in the economy and decline in the construction industry gave reason to consider multidisciplinary problem solving as practice for product. With a strong interest to investigate the design discipline more broadly and its relationships with architecture and mainstream culture, Elizabeth recently completed her Masters of Science in Design Research. There, she staked out new territory in design entitled Latent Conditions Emerging, Investigations and Design Methods. This research included cultural studies and translations of design methodologies and interdisciplinary work in film, photography, fashion, literature, musical composition, video, and architecture. Elizabeth is passionate about cultural phenomena and education through design in various media. She continues exploring possibilities of method, product, and theory and to bring forth what is latent but could be popular to inspire new cultural outcomes.

Education: M.Arch and Master of Science in Design Research from the University of Michigan.