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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kickin' It Old-Style...Emergence of America's Favorites

Style | | Word on the Street: Cubs reunite with Old Style
After rumors that a new, more refined beer or microbrew might replace the 61 year partnership of Old-Style and Wrigley, the  Cubs and Pabst Brewing Co. announced a two-year deal. Old Style and Old Style Light will remain at Wrigley Field. Fan's wouldn't have it any other way.  PBR has never produced a cider.

Cider is fermented apple juice and an alternative to beer. Special 'cider apples' with high sugar levels to favor a fermentation process are used instead of the common eating apple. Cider apple groups include: Sweets, Sharps, Bittersweets, and Bittersharps and are named based on their tannin and acidity levels.

Heirloom apple varieties named Sheepnose, American Mother, Lady Sweet and Nickajack are emerging from decades and centuries ago. These varieties have memorable flavor. Steve Wood grew only McIntosh and Cortlands but didn't make money so he bulldozed his orchards and started growing old-style apples.
Washington Post | Old-style apples from yore making a comeback in US orchards

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