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Friday, September 9, 2011

Double or McDouble: A Burger Blink Line

McDonalds | Double Cheeseburger

What happened? If you're not looking...
Ever since I can remember my treat for an autumn Saturday (when I'm not tailgating for Michigan football) is a McDonalds Double Cheeseburger, small fry and small fountain Coke. Not only is this a delectable combination but affordable too as each of these items is on the Dollar Menu. However, last fall I approached the drive-thru and to my dismay did not see the Double Cheeseburger on the Dollar Menu. "crrr...Welcome to McDonalds. Would you like to try a vanilla shake today? crrr..." (yeah, I know, the crr.... is no longer a reality because of the vast improvement in remote technologies, however, it builds the ambiance of the traditional drive-thru experience and makes for a good story) "Do you sell the Double Cheeseburger anymore?" I urgently said as their was no time to lose. "Yes, but they are now called McDoubles and have one less slice of cheese." I panicked...omg, then... Wait. They were trying to make my guilty pleasure healthier for me. Years of wondering where all that cheese and grease was going was not of importance anymore. Of course I would get the McDouble.

Was it different? I am not a picky person in food so I really didn't notice until... My sister's guilty pleasure is the same, replace the small Coke with a Large Diet Coke. I told her about my experience and how the Double Cheeseburger was no longer. She told me that it was "just not true" and that Double Cheesburgers "do exist." McDonalds has both but the McDouble is the only one on the Dollar Menu.

hhhhaaaaaaaaaaa (this is supposed to sound like the voices of angelic choirs from above and an angelic glow should be radiating from this double cheeseburger)

Quickly I escaped the conversation and travelled to the nearest McDonalds. Sure enough, she was right. When I tasted it, it was a totally different experience than that of the McDouble. Cheesier, greasier, squishier, and great for the mornings after a hard Friday night party.

As I get older, I find that it is critical to indulge in my guilty pleasures less and find healthy options to replace them. So, the McDouble is not quite the Double Cheeseburger. My heart thanks me and so does my wallet. Some also might argue that eating at McDonalds has become the healthier choice over other fast food options and that "Super Size Me" has become a thing of the past. I'm not ashamed of my visits to McDonalds because it is so darn good. Pitch into culture America!!!

McDonalds | McDouble

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