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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vernors: Its special

Buzzfeed | Anderson Cooper Gets a Spray Tan with Snooki the first sip of a cold glass of freshly poured Vernors..."cough, cough!" Doh! Microscopic carbonation up "cough, cough!" your nose. It takes you by surprise every time. Under false pretense, you believe you can eliminate this phenomenon if you just hold your breath. Who are you kidding? Your nose is still there, right above our mouth as you take the sip. And why is it that, by your third sip, you have acclimated and no longer need to cough, even when it has only taken a minute or two from the first sip? Did James Vernors, a Detroit pharmacist, have this special science down to timing back in 1866? 

Vernors is considered ginger ale but the experience and flavor surpasses anything in its class. I compare the decision of drinking Vernors over other ginger ale to a happy hour drink selection. When ordering a vodka tonic, your server may ask "what kind of vodka would you like?" Choosing ginger ale is like "I'll have the house vodka, thanks" while Vernors is your "Belvedere please." It really is a supreme beverage - "Deliciously Different."

For those of you who have not had the privilege to taste this unique drink, you must. It is a Great Lakes regional product so you will find it commonly in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. Poured over vanilla ice cream it establishes the Boston Cooler. If prepared when the Vernors is cold, it makes the outer layers of the vanilla ice cream icy and therefore crunchy. Just imagine a crunchy, bubbly bite of heaven - that is a Boston Cooler. Why Boston? Detroit has a Boston Boulevard, part of the Boston Boulevard Edison District. I like to believe that is the answer to this blink line. 

"Cough, cough!" Excuse me. When we had the flu as kids, my mother would run out to the store and buy us Vernors. Along with saltines, the high carbonation and high sucrose corn syrup of 19 ingredients soothed the savage beast - an upset stomach. Needless to say, in a family of seven, Vernors frequented our refrigerator door.
Don't get me wrong, other ginger ales have their time and place and can be delicious. I am simply pointing to the preferred experience. There are ginger ales and then there is Vernors. 
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