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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Iowa Products: America's Heartland

Billboard | Businessweek | Iowa Billboard Equates Bacon with  Cigarettes

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has designed a billboard making its debut one month before the annual Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa. 
Des Moine Register
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The Mournings of Wellman Iowa were inspired by a book called Good House Cheap House written by Seattle architect John DeForest. They hired him to design and build their home which is featured in Dwell Magazine this month as one of America's Best.
photography by Dwell Magazine
The views from the house reach out into a pastoral landscape. 

The Mourning: photograph by Dwell Magazine
American Gothic by Grant Wood

A relational thought: traditional and contemporary.

Dwell Magazine | Wellman Couple's Farmhouse Considered Best in America